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Wild game and its fodder

Delicate young stag filet with young spruce tips, tender leg of wild goat with ripe blackberries, juicy deer ham with a whiff of smoke. Chef Max Stiegl and his team serve that which roams the  surrounding woods: stag, wild goat, wild boar and roe deer, and sometimes, with a little luck, wildfowl from the pannonian plains. Twice a week Max gets fresh wild-caught fish from Brač Island, caught exclusively for us by our fisherman.

Detailaufnahme Besteck mit Blumen im Vordergrund im Hotel & Restaurant Knappenhof

Bon appétit!

We serve what the forests and the meadows on the Rax produce, as well as fish from Brač island. No fine-dining, simply good food.

Ausschnitt aus dem Jagdzimmer mit Sonnenblumen im Vordergrund im Hotel & Restaurant Knappenhof
Klassisches Eierschwammerlgulasch frisch zubereitet im Hotel & Restaurant Knappenhof
Restaurant mit Ausblick aus dem Fenster im Hotel & Restaurant Knappenhof

Why? Because wild game is delicious. And because there is no better, more sustainable meat out there. Before arriving in the kitchen, it lead a free life in the wild, exactly where people go for holidays - with neither stable, concentrated feed, antibiotics, nor slaughterhouse.

And because people don’t live on meat alone, there’s also all kinds of delicious plants that grow in the woods and on the meadows of the Rax: mushrooms and wild herbs, berries and wild fruit, and all kinds of vegetables from the local market gardens.

Always something different

Just as nature changes throughout the course of the year, so do the offerings from our kitchen: in summer and autumn the wild game, mushrooms, and vegetables are abundant and especially good, in winter there’s plenty of bottled and fermented specialties alongside  traditional Austrian cooking, and in spring the first fresh green shoots, deer and morels. And since the chef is from Burgenland, we serve the famous Burgenland-style desserts all year round.

Have a look at the excerpt from our menu (subject to change):

Menu Knappenhof

Our opening hours

Breakfast: 7 to 11 a.m.
Restaurant: 12 to 3 und 5 to 10 p.m. (last order 9 p.m.)

Opening hours from October to December: Thursday to Sunday

Everyone is welcome. However, we hope that spontaneous guests will understand that our hotel guests have priority. Guests who have a room booked naturally have a table at our restaurant. For that reason it can happen that the main terrace is reserved for hotel guests. In that case, hikers, walkers, and others who drop by are very welcome on our Linden terrace.

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